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Children & Youth

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Summer Worship

This Sunday through Sunday, August 31


8:00 a.m. - Spoken Eucharist

9:30 a.m. - Sung Eucharist


Each Sunday at 8:45, our Summer Choir rehearses for the 9:30 liturgy.

If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Girvin.


No Sunday School, Youth and Adult Forum



The Ordination and Installation of

Pastor Jane McCready

Saturday, June 1

What a joy it was to welcome Pastor Jane McCready as our new Pastor on Sunday, June 1, as she begins her ministry with our Family of Faith.  We give thanks to God for Pastor's call and for the wonderful affirmation of the call that our Family of Faith has shared with her.  On Saturday, June 7, at noon we gathered here for her Ordination and Installation as our Pastor.  Bishop Bartholomew presided and Pastor Mac preached at this historic liturgy that gathered our Family and clergy and lay folks from around the church.  Dr. Girvin and our choir and instrumentalists lead us in this special liturgy.  Our thanks to Linda Fuller and her team for hosting a Reception immediately following this special worship service.  Photos will be posted soon.



Come join our Family of Faith



As always, it is a sign of God's Grace that the Family of Faith practices an open Communion Table...
visitors are welcome to join us for our Lord's Supper.



Faith is in the process of praying for the safety and return of particular family members and extended family members who are serving in the Armed Forces. If you would like to add the name of a serviceman or servicewoman please e-mail or These names will be a part of our Prayers of the People during worship on Sundays and a part of the daily prayers of many. For a listing of those currently on our prayer list  click here.   Thanks be to God for this gift.






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Faith Nursery School


Rally Day September 7

New Orleans Jazz Eucharist

8:30 & 11


Ministry Fair



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If you missed a recent sermon and want to catch up or if you wanted a copy of something you found helpful, now you can get copies of the sermons preached by Pastor Mac... Click here for link

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