Sunday School Newsletter: 9/14/19


September 14, 2019

Last Sunday we were joined by all of your beautiful children (look at these happy, smiling faces) and had a great start to the Sunday School Year! If you haven’t, please remember to complete and return a Sunday School Registration Form to your child’s teacher. Please have your child(ren) join us this Sunday, September 15th from 9:40-10:40 am at Faith Lutheran for our next class! Meet us in Classroom 105 downstairs.

All children 3 years and older are welcome. Bring a family member, invite a friend! -UAQgvOnAGk4c7m1ZbKA5DabCOLM8ZBkCmNgG9fag0pJ0IXbSAZnp2jeNqqjhk-O0Nin0WWGqNAdhAt-fB-x5H-giAH1S2yOZ_Wb8pZonlgfwMU4SrJsZZnb5PoeeqYVUd7_MH10WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT LAST WEEKAip0WCgjTXMtwLpa-S-mvC-IoDWROopN1bP1seZQXRA0hto_IeIWG70YEjo-y5K8_uB_x8Wnwf0E74BeOBh9-yuG8gQMg-9LLCjgetiToEST_fj34zWzVQm2D14CG8RwGQ6mMRtDGrG2oHBnMGegTlb0o2jixLW24KxbeQtyRpjzU2SNMJfAjzyfiRIJepc41boqsMI9Rlo62pM09INYYUn2k2EDYKYYSnFUduWI2ZTuk32d6zcU4julyr0dl2pOS0GSL0PGtOHaQW5H

The 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders read from Genesis and learned about Adam & Eve and the Garden of Evil. Mrs. Delatour taught them how to find the book of the bible, find the Chapter and Verse and then each student took turns reading.

The Pre-3s, Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd Graders also learned about Adam and Eve. Plus, they learned a new song!wZkO5JWArWAkwVSeMSna4G3DgpfpdKDW3eueeh6Ar1OOJuCRTsGwmnahYKwEu4YXWPesbOy_UZ0YTtVsFQ4zF1kxFBb7p5QFpcvkJpTvrcaYBCNtHPPERzG1540PArkVdpX7aLY-