Sunday School newsletter 9/20/19


524 South Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974



September 20, 2019

If you haven’t, please remember to complete and return a Sunday School Registration Form to your child’s teacher. Please have your child(ren) join us this Sunday, September 22nd from 9:40-10:40 am at Faith Lutheran for our next class! Meet us in Classroom 105 downstairs.

All children 3 years and older are welcome. Bring a family member, invite a friend! q4drgONPAPMQ4JkySuMLX8SP0yQ5yGspvqJn0ztzbVTuja5zvdv8vLwHnZ6KmkgAAFNV0p8oYvGx-LepQOzG--xsqlruBUPlHi4L9CnMoz129X0qU95smET_KeeDwckwxOcnWcD-ANNOUNCEMENTS95fUjmu3JGt054b-YYfXUtFtYvz9zCVefRnB14xM6i98dpSoSLG4qf9XWXI6kFEiO0ZgcVhNjeZGH5tOEi2ElMwmAfPdfs_uQtPFAdrdGN-7O3FzD0sDNk_nNK0dWZn6gjg770YI

TAP ARTICLE: Mr. Larry Holt on our Faith Marketing team wrote an article about our Sunday School program and it ran in TAP Berkeley Heights and TAP New Providence. I shared this with the kids at the beginning of class, but please look it over and share it with them. They were all excited and said “WE’RE FAMOUS!”

FIFTH SUNDAY: Good news to share – the Pre-3s through 5th Graders will be singing a song at our

FIFTH SUNDAY 10:00 AM service on 9/29. Please have your child sit with you at Service. We’ll call

them all up when it’s time for their performance.

q4drgONPAPMQ4JkySuMLX8SP0yQ5yGspvqJn0ztzbVTuja5zvdv8vLwHnZ6KmkgAAFNV0p8oYvGx-LepQOzG--xsqlruBUPlHi4L9CnMoz129X0qU95smET_KeeDwckwxOcnWcD-IMPORTANT DATES AND UPCOMING PLANS:

9/22/19: The 3rd – 5th Graders will have ART

9/29/19: No Sunday School – it’s FAITH’S FIFTH SUNDAY – ONE SERVICE at 10:00 AM with a Potluck Brunch immediately following in Franklin Nelson Hall. Please sign up to bring a dish here:

10/6/19: The Pre-3s – 2nd Grade will have ART

10/20/19: The 3rd – 5th Graders will have ART

10/27/19: Youth & Family Halloween Party (immediately after 11:00 AM service in FNH) Bring a Friend!