African Ministry

2013 marked the twenty-third year of Faith’s partnership with the Masama Mboreny Lutheran Parish in Moshi, Tanzania. It is in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

On five occasions, pastors and lay leaders of the parish have visited Faith. In 2000, a group from Faith went to Moshi.

During the past two decades, the members of Faith have contributed financially to meet significant needs of Masama Mboreny. This has occurred through special offerings and weekly envelopes. The contributions have brought electricity to the village, built a kindergarten and nursery school, renovated the primary school, put a roof on the church, built a grainary, bought a church bell which announces services and community events, bought a small organ built at a Tanzanian trade school, paid for secondary school scholarships, bought sewing machines for a training program for women so they could earn income for themselves, bought a motorcycle, which is the only motorized transportation in the village, hired an assistant teacher for the nursery school and more.

In 2013, Faith contributed $3500 to Masama Mboreny. The monies were spent as follows: $2300 for past due salaries of parish workers, $800 for salary of new assistant kindergarten teacher, $300 for needs of impoverished persons in village and $100 for kindergarten tuition for children of parents who can not afford it.