ARC Group Home

In 2003, the Family of Faith in conjunction with the ARC of Union County remodeled a local residential home for a group of developmentally disabled adults.  The home officially opened on May 18, 2003 and the Family continues to provide regular support to the residents.

Members of Faith and the high school Peer Leaders visit the group home periodically throughout the year.  During the spring and summer months, fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garden at Faith are shared with the residents; and members provide regular support through lawn maintenance, social visits and game nights throughout the year.  During December, members visit to decorate the house,  put up a Christmas tree, and together with the residents add lights and ornaments. Following the tree trimming, the group shares cookies and punch with the residents, then sings Christmas carols together.

The Pastors also provide care and have visited with residents who are experiencing health problems, both at home and in the hospital.