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Resurrection Liturgy for Pastor Mac Sunday, August 20th at 3pm

Rev. Dr. Murdoch MacPherson–Pastor Mac–passed away peacefully on Sunday, August 13, 2017, surrounded by his family and pastor at Morristown Memorial Hospital. He was 74.  The Resurrection Liturgy will be on Sunday, August 20th at 3:00pm at Faith Lutheran Church, 524 South Street, New Providence. Please see for directions and parking information. Overflow seating will be available and internet streaming (if available) information will be posted prior to the service at

On May 20, 1970, Pastor Mac was ordained in Ocean City, NJ. For almost five decades, Pastor Mac spent his life as a faithful servant of God, determined to help all those in need and speak for those who had no voice. From the mountains of Africa to the hills of Tennessee to the streets of Newark, Pastor Mac was constantly reminded of God’s grace through a ministry that enabled him to share the hope and promise of God with all of God’s children.

A life-long student, Pastor Mac received his Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, his Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and his Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation following studies at Notre Dame and Ancillia. He strove to pass on his knowledge through countless bible studies and forums and served for more than three decades as a guest lecturer at the College of St. Elizabeth. He was a Holocaust Resource Educator at Drew University and the College of St. Elizabeth, where he also served on the Advisory Board for the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education.

In 1970, Pastor Mac was called to Grace Lutheran Church in Trenton, NJ, until his duties were expanded with a parish partnership between Grace and St. Bartholomew where he served both congregations. In 1976, Pastor Mac was called to Trinity Lutheran Church in Dover, NJ, where he remained until 1982. His final calling was to Faith Lutheran Church in New Providence, NJ. He has served Faith passionately and selflessly for almost 35 years.


The Deep Roots of Grace – Pastor Jane – 7.23.2017

Several years ago, a wise Pastor shared some sage advice with me, advice that had been shared with him decades earlier. Simply: “The devil does his best work in the church.” Jesus explains it clearly in our Gospel and it’s what our lessons are about this morning.

Isaiah uses words to describe God in no uncertain terms. God as ‘the first and the last.’ A ‘rock’ unlike any other. God is reminding us that he’s there with us – on good days, on bad days. No matter what. There’s the image of God who is the constant for us, despite what‘s happening around us, and despite what we do.

Paul’s writing helps us claim our identity, showing us how to live in spite of what’s going on around us. (more…)

Expecting Change – Pastor Mac – 7.16.2017

What do you expect out of worship? More specifically, what do you expect from the proclamation, the sermon?

Me? I expect change. When Carol and I go to worship, I have every expectation, every hope, that we will leave the worship hour different people than when we came in. And each Sunday as we gather here, I preach with the intent, that you and I together, will be a changed people. Why? Because I take seriously the promise of our first lesson this morning. Isaiah’s wonderful prophecy that says God sends the Word out and it will not return empty. It will accomplish its purpose, it will succeed in its task. Now think about that. What we are about is not some social construct; not some philosophical option; but rather an understanding that God has a desire for God’s people, and God uses us to do the work that changes the world, one person at a time.