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A Living Faith for Today , a Hopeful Vision for Tomorrow – 10/2/16 – Pastor Mac

What’s your favorite book of  the Bible?  Matthew?  Mark?  Luke?  John?  Psalms?  Proverbs?  Isaiah?  1 Corinthians?  Romans?  Others?  Nobody picked Habakkuk, the source of our first lesson today?  Not too many I’d bet.  Truth be told, it’s not a book we touch on much, in fact today is one of the few times it appears in our lectionary, which means its message is hopefully fresh, new and alive.  Did you hear the words this morning?


There Was a Man – 9/25/16 – Pastor Mac

A quick word about our worship.  Pastor and I don’t pick the lessons we read and preach on each Sunday.  They are part of a 3 year lectionary that most major Christian bodies share.  And I share this because we’ve had a few folks comment that we seem to be talking a lot about our money and our possessions.  Well, that is where our lectionary takes us as we move toward the end of the church year.  And why? Because Jesus talked more about our “stuff” than anything else.  And he knew then as we know now, what an idol it can all be.  So let’s go.


Yours, Mine and God’s – 9/18/2016 – Pastor Jane

Some weeks we have lessons with an underlying theme – that’s easy to read and pick up.  Today isn’t one of those days.

Our Gospel reading this morning is hardly straightforward, clear or easy to understand.  Jesus tells the story about a manager who defrauds his employer in an attempt to receive security from the people who benefit from his dishonesty.  Something like that could never happen today.  Hardly. (more…)