Topic: Sermons

Thanks for the Kingdom – 11.20.16 – Pastor Mac

As some of you know, Carol and I were away several days this last  week, down in Washington, beginning work on a new Symposium on Race, Hatred and Bigotry, that Pastor and I will be doing next year.  We managed to hit all sorts of traffic on our way home Thursday, turning a normal 5 hour trip into an 8 hour endurance test.  Which gave us a lot of time to talk in the car.  And our conversation turned to today, with Carol observing that she wasn’t sure Jesus would want to be called a king.  Which led me into my explanation of how this Church Festival came to be.  And Carol said, “You should share that background.”  I said, “I did, 10-12 years ago.”   She said, “It’s time to do it again.”  And so by popular request…


Hanging on to Hope – 11/13/16 – Pastor Jane

My first thought after reading this week’s lessons was of an old poster I remember seeing for the first time a ways back when I was in college.  It’s a cat clinging to the end of an all too short rope – hanging on for dear life.  With the caption: “Hang in there.”

As we no doubt have seen recently and just heard, all generations experience events that send God’s people into a panic.  (more…)