Topic: Sermons

Thanks for the Kingdom – 11.20.16 – Pastor Mac

As some of you know, Carol and I were away several days this last  week, down in Washington, beginning work on a new Symposium on Race, Hatred and Bigotry, that Pastor and I will be doing next year.  We managed to hit all sorts of traffic on our way home Thursday, turning a normal 5 hour trip into an 8 hour endurance test.  Which gave us a lot of time to talk in the car.  And our conversation turned to today, with Carol observing that she wasn’t sure Jesus would want to be called a king.  Which led me into my explanation of how this Church Festival came to be.  And Carol said, “You should share that background.”  I said, “I did, 10-12 years ago.”   She said, “It’s time to do it again.”  And so by popular request…


Hanging on to Hope – 11/13/16 – Pastor Jane

My first thought after reading this week’s lessons was of an old poster I remember seeing for the first time a ways back when I was in college.  It’s a cat clinging to the end of an all too short rope – hanging on for dear life.  With the caption: “Hang in there.”

As we no doubt have seen recently and just heard, all generations experience events that send God’s people into a panic.  (more…)

Blessed Are You – 11/6/16 – Pastor Jane

We need to read our lessons this morning, with a caveat – with the reminder that they are the texts appointed for this particular day, for All Saints.  All Saints is when we remember not only the special people in our lives who have guided our faith and are no longer with us. But, also a day to remember those who guide our faith and walk with us now.  Those people who continue on this journey.