Topic: Sermons

Thanksgiving for Freedom – 10/30/16 – Pastor Mac

It is no coincidence that the paraments, the church dressings for this day, this Reformation Sunday, are red.  We are bathed in the color of Pentecost as a reminder that this day, like Pentecost, is a time to be reminded of the work of God’s Holy Spirit.         And just as next week we will be awash in the white of Easter on All Saints Sunday, today is a time of thanksgiving for the freedom that Reformation is.  And because of the work of the Holy Spirit, the world is changing.


 Itchy Ears and Silent Tongues – 10/16/16 – Pastor Mac

This has been some fall as we have geared up for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  A month ago, world renowned Luther scholar, Dr. Tim Wengert spend a day with us, teaching about our faith.  We have just completed our evening study, Reformation Roots, that has explored this historic time in the church’s life.  (more…)

Unexpected Gifts – 10/9/16 – Pastor Jane

The story has been told a number of times over the years.  There was a phone call late in the evening.  The phone rang loudly – and was startling.  The news at the other end was unexpected.  The hushed conversation was brief.  It forever changed lives.  The flu lingered, it had been hanging on for weeks.  In hindsight it seemed odd that no one else in their small, tight-knit office had gotten sick.  It was clear that the treatment hadn’t been working.