Topic: Sermons

Faithful Witness – Pastor Jane – 1.27.2019

As I was reading the lessons for today, I thought I could have called the sermon “God’s Little Instruction Book.” I’ve never actually read any in that series of books, but the title is what came to mind. Inspiration, life lessons, and direction for God’s people.

We’ve an unusual gathering of people in our First Lesson. The image is significant – and message is simple. We’re told that men and women and children are all together in one place to hear God’s message of hope and promise. Picture that image, that eclectic gathering – with the Holy City of Jerusalem in front of them…shortly after they’ve returned from exile.

The message – God provides and will take care of you, just as he always has. Not to be lost, most important – share what you’ve been given with those “for whom nothing has been prepared.” Simple, straightforward. (more…)

New Life, God’s Grace – Pastor Jane – 12.25.2018

I saw a great mug recently – it said “I put the PRO in Procrastinating.”

It was right after I told my daughter that we’d be postponing Christmas this year. The busyness of parish life left little time for shopping and preparing. Thinking I was serious, she was a bit relieved since she too didn’t have a chance to finish doing what she had hoped before coming home – all of the things on her “to do” list.

Good news – Christmas isn’t postponed!

Bad news – there are a couple of wish lists that got buried in my inbox.

Thankfully, ours is a God of Grace… Thank God too for the gift of New Life…New Days…

Ready or not.

Look carefully at the crèche outside on our lawn and (more…)

Seeds of Faith – Pastor Jane – 12.24.2018

Many of us have people in our lives who are special, who remain embedded in our memory no matter how old we get. Maybe a First Grade Teacher – or High School Coach – Business or Professional Mentor who made a difference for us at some point. Could be a Parent or Music Teacher. Someone who came along at just the right time, said just the right thing or did something that we never forget and helped make a difference for us. Someone who instilled confidence, who planted a seed, an idea – that grew into a passion, a love of something…music, reading or learning, sports or traveling. For me, a Sixth Grade Teacher – and a Music Teacher – and Parents – and later on a Pastor who was also a Mentor. All of them loved to travel and talked about places I only dreamed of visiting and some I’ve even had a chance to visit, to experience first-hand.

My first trip to the Holy Land was as a young adult. My Mom and I went, Dad stayed home to take care of the cats. Reality is, he stayed home because of the political unrest there. I’m not sure what it means that it was okay for us to go without him, but like many things in life there simply is no perfect time for any number of things. Including a visit to the Holy Land.

What struck me most about that first visit and what I always tell people is that regardless of your religious beliefs, regardless of your faith (more…)