Topic: Sermons

Aftershock – Pastor Jane – 4.23.2017

Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation of our Christian faith – from the beginning in Paul’s account and for us today, more than 2,000 years later.  Our Gospel paints a vivid picture of the disciples…of their needs and wants…while at the same time portraying the risen Jesus in all the abundance of his grace.  Each of our readings this week talks about faith.  Faith in God and our relationship and trust in God’s love and God’s grace.
And, so here we stand on this side of Easter. The Resurrection has become the new reality in all of its glory and mystery.  And for fifty days, the church lives into the reality of the Resurrection; of what it means to be a community shaped by the dying and rising of Christ.  John’s Gospel shows us that it’s not easy to live into that reality.


Thanks for the Hope – Pastor Jane – 4.16.2017

Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!

I was speaking with someone recently and shared that one of my earliest church memories was as a 4-year-old in the Cherub Choir.  It was Easter morning…I recall getting ready – all lined up at the back of the church in my robe, ready to go.  It was at that moment that I noticed the boy next to me – who I’d been paired with – had some leftover breakfast on his face.  Dried egg yolk which I’ll never forget.  It took a bit of convincing for me to walk with him.  Thanks to promises made and some clever negotiating by the Choir Director.


Thanks for the Promise – Pastor Jane – 4.14.2017

Good Friday is more than about a moment in time.  This night is about history.  The history of a man whose life changed us.  And whose death forever changed the world.

What does Jesus death mean to us in this life.  In this sinful world.  In a world marred by darkness.

Throughout his life – there had been skepticism and doubt.  Power struggles and Politics.  Betrayal.  Denial.