Topic: Sermons

Drawn to Life From Living Water – 3.19.17 – Pastor Jane

My first thoughts about our lessons this morning are about water.  How essential water is to us as living beings, and the importance of water for all creation.  After wandering in the wilderness, God provides Moses direction – to the source of life for his people.  And in Paul’s letter to the Romans, it’s our baptism that unites us and is the source of hope and life for God’s people.


Just Trust God – 3.12.17 – Pastor Mac

Some weeks, the sermons get real easy.  Like this week; with wonderful lessons at a very special time in our Family of Faith.  Remember that name. The Family of Faith.  Let’s look at those lessons.

Our first is the foundational story of Abraham and Sarah.  They’re settled into their own little world and God comes and makes a promise so ridiculous, Sarah laughed.  But God said, you need to move, and they did.  In blind trust and in simple faith, they accepted the invitation of God and in that moment, their relationship with God was forever changed.


Pick a Pole – 3.5.17 – Pastor Mac

It is a crazy world and for the last year or more we seem to be moving to stranger and stranger places.  During the presidential election and the time since as I listen to all sorts of politicians in both parties, I am constantly amazed at the double talk that is a natural part of their life.  They are asked a question and they go on and on in response and afterwards I think, they haven’t responded at all to what was asked of them.  They twist, they turn, they do everything but give a straight answer.