Faith Counseling Center

Faith Counseling Center was started in 1984 in order to provide support, counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families without bias toward their religion, age, sex, race or ethnic background. It was established when Pastor MacPherson recognized that people were experiencing the need for this kind of help in a safe setting such as the church. It has also been a place where folks can readily address the spiritual issues which are often connected to other things they might be wrestling with, but about which they might hesitate to bring up in a more secular setting. In some cases, this kind of work may be helpful in conjunction with pastoral counseling.

Sometimes folks make use of the Center if they are feeling confused, depressed, guilty, or just plain “stuck” about something in particular; other times people might come for guidance around a specific life stage issue, role/gender expectation with which they are struggling; occassionally there are longer, ongoing difficulties to work through.

Relationship issues are among the most common things for which individuals or couples might wish to seek help. People may come in alone, with a spouse, or with other family members, depending on what seems most productive in a particular situation. Referrals are gladly provided as well.