Kiwakukki Aids Center



This new Mission Partner, discovered when our Mission Team visited Africa in 2000, is one of the largest, most effective AIDS service organizations in Africa. Its name means, “Kilimanjaro Women Against AIDS,” and it was formed a decade ago in the face of the growing epidemic and social indifference. In addition to an educational ministry, a supportive ministry with victims and their families and an outreach ministry that travels hundreds of miles, Kiwakukki cares for over 1000 orphans. This Spring, Margaret Mshana and Anna Mgonja from Kiwakukki visited our Family for two weeks, sharing this ministry with our Family and with the New Jersey Synod at Bishop Riley’s request. They returned home with over $4000 in medical supplies, and with a larger shipment scheduled to follow them in early summer. The Family of Faith has committed to a goal of $30,000 to build a Vocational Training School for the orphans, with the hope of this becoming a reality this year.