Pedals for Progress


What do you do with an old bicycle? Throw it away typically, but there is a better answer. Pedals for Progress (PfP) is an organization, founded in 1991, to recycle repairable bicycles and soccer cleats, shin guards & balls, softball & baseball gloves, bats, balls, volleyballs and basketballs to developing countries. Pedals for Progress collects approximately 10,000 bicycles annually and ships them to those more needy. To date, more than 60,000 bikes have been shipped to developing countries in Latin America , Africa , and the Pacific Islands . These bikes provide reliable transportation for commuting to work, transporting produce to market, or accessing health care and other essential services. The sports equipment, which is shipped in conjunction with the bicycles, benefits less fortunate children in the receiving countries. It averages $30 to collect, process, ship, rebuild and distribute each bike. A $10 cash donation toward shipping costs is requested. All donations are tax deductible.