Peer Leaders of Faith

High School — Peer Leaders of Faith

Youth ministry at Faith seeks to foster discipleship throughout the high school years. Each year, Peer Leaders make a commitment to grow in their faith by committing themselves to weekly worship, Youth Forum, and servant ministry in the following areas.

  • Community Care – Visits to Broadway House and ARC Group home.
  • College/Military Care – Send care packages to members away at school or in military service.
  • Confirmation Retreat – Serve as group leaders for annual confirmation retreat.
  • Global Poverty Team – CROP Walk and Pedals for Progress drives.
  • Hunger Ministry Team – Serve in Fall and Spring food collections.
  • Parents’ Night Out– Entertain children while parents enjoy a night or afternoon out.

In addition, the Peer Leaders are encouraged to be part of Faith’s Appalachian Mission Team traveling to Cosby, Tennessee, to run a day camp and building program. Each Spring, we offer Peer Leaders the opportunity to spend the day at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Peer Leaders also serve as role-models and sources of encouragement for children in Faith’s Sunday Church School.