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Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Sunday, May 26th – Sixth Sunday of Easter

8:30 & 11:00 a.m. - Eucharistic Liturgy

9:40 a.m. - Education Hour: Sunday Church School for ages 3 thru 8th grade, Youth Forum for High School Peer Leaders, and Adult Forum with fellowship in Franklin Nelson Hall.

This week at Adult Forum: Leadership for Faithful Innovation



Gluten free hosts are always available for communion.

News & Announcements

Back to Basics – Backpack Drive

school-backpack-school-clipart-schoolOur Family of Faith is collecting backpacks this summer to deliver to our mission partners in Newark and Plainfield, and to local children through the Community Service Association and our Hospitality program.
Please bring in a backpack filled with the following items:  6 pack of pens (blue or black ink), 6 pack of no. 2 pencils, 12 ct. crayon box, one package of lined notepaper, one package of construction paper, one toothbrush and one tube of toothpaste.  The backpacks will be on display in the chancel until they are delivered in time for school.  Please bring them in no later than Sunday, August 28.

Appalachian Ministry – Sunset Gap, Cosby Tennessee

This is a ministry that was begun with seed money provided by Faith Nursery School.  In 1998, the first ministry team was sent for a more than 12-hour long bus ride from New Providence, New Jersey to Cosby, Tennessee in the heart of Appalachia.  We went there because we wanted our folks to see that poverty transcends geography and race, and that is endemic to greed and selfish economic policy.  We wanted to take a large, intergenerational team.  We wanted to do construction and to run a day camp.  And, we wanted to live together in Christian community in the sparsest of facilities.  And Sunset Gap in Tennessee, in the deep South, was the closet place that met our criteria.  We have had an interesting relationship there over the years.  In our first year we were known as the “damn Yankees,” and now we are called “kin.”  There have been hundreds of folks of all ages from our Family who have made this journey.  Dozens of construction projects started and finished.  Hundreds and hundreds of children have heard the Gospel with a new accent.  Live have been forever changed.  Lives will continue to be forever changed.  In Tennessee and in New Jersey.  No matter where we go, we have opportunities to share the Gospel.  We have opportunities to speak a word of hope, to share the gift of love that gives witness to our Easter gift.  Tell the story.  Share the Faith.